Super beautiful 50cm natural curly hair in Vietnam

Natural curly hair takes a long time to grow after each haircut. This is because naturally curly hair tends to grow slower than straight hair. Curly hair can grow anywhere from 0.5 mm to 1 cm per month, depending on a person’s genetics and nutrition. If you compare a person with natural curly hair to someone with straight hair, you’ll notice a significant difference in their hair growth rate. Regardless of the length, natural curly hair must be:

Natural long hair 50 cm

  • In its original, beautiful, and unprocessed state, without any chemical treatment.
  • Clean, free from lice, and other impurities.
  • Real hair, curly, and 30cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm long.
  • Size: 50cm – 16 inches (removing strands shorter than 6-8 inches)
  • Purchase from 200g for Free Shipping (if paid in advance)
  • Order online for fast delivery.

Buy natural hair extensions at a great price, selling real natural hair Natural curly hair is the original hair that has never been processed with any chemicals. In its natural state, the hair cuticle runs in the same direction as it does on the head. You can bleach, dye, and style this hair just like you would your own. It is 100% remy and 100% natural hair.

When purchasing natural curly hair from women in Vietnam, buyers must be experienced because the structure and curl pattern of each hairpiece are easily broken.

Quality of curly hair:

  • This is 100% Vietnamese hair with top-quality.
  • All are washed with shampoo, removing non-remy, without lice, and other impurities.

Buy natural hair extensions at a great price, selling real natural hair

Natural curly hair:

  • Natural colors: Black, Dark brown, White …
  • Curly hair with a wavy pattern.
  • Shiny, soft, smooth, and silky…
  • With proper care, the hair can be reused for over a year. Mitxanh provides the best natural curly hair from Vietnamese women on the market. Our company deals with customers worldwide at the most competitive prices.

Buy natural hair extensions at a great price, selling real natural hair

Quantity of hair:

  • We can provide 3-4 tons per month for an extended period.
  • For sample hair, you can order any quantity you want, with a minimum of 0.1kg (prices will be higher than wholesale).
  • Prices are subject to change, please contact us for updated pricing.

You can buy high quality natural curly hair extensions

Trendyhair is a company in Vietnam that sells high-quality, natural curly hair extensions. Natural curly hair takes longer to grow than straight hair, and the company ensures that their hair is of the highest quality by providing hair that has not been chemically processed. They also guarantee that their hair extensions are real and range from 30cm to 60cm in length.

Natural long hair 50 cm made in Trendyhair

Customers can purchase 200g of hair or more, and the company offers fast delivery. The hair extensions come in a variety of colors and textures and can be reused for over a year with proper care. Trendyhair sells their products to customers worldwide at competitive prices.

Contact Trendyhair: Insta: hairfactory_vn

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