3 simple bun tutorials for hair extenions

In addition to wearing hair down or braiding hair, many girls prefer to go for bun hairstyles. The bun hairstyles are suitable for different ages and different occasions. When thinking of hairstyles, we can imagine a fresh and youthful beauty with 3 simple bun tutorials.

First Simple Bun: Use a foam sponge bun shaper

It costs about $1 and you can get it at eBay. You should choose a foam sponge bun shaper which has the same color as your hair’s one.

– Step 1: Comb and tie your hair extensions into a high ponytail. Secure it with an elastic hair tie

If you want to create a low bun, you can pull your hair into a low ponytail. It is up to you. However, a high bun is more recommended because of its energetic look.

– Step 2: Put your ponytail into the gap in the middle of the foam sponge bun shaper.

– Squeeze the sponge tight to make a firm grip on your hair, bring it down to the end of your high ponytail.

– Step 3: Roll the sponge down to the base of your high ponytail, loose or tight depending on how you want it to look. Wrap it around and twist it.

– Step 4: Fan your hair around the sponge to hide it.

– Step 5: Spray some hairspray so that you can keep the bun for a longer time.

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