5 Things Will Help You Take Care Dry Hair

The dream of having beautiful appearance is very common thing to women. To be beautiful, smooth and shiny hair is necessary as it is considered as one of the main factors which enhance your look. However, in winter, your hair is easy to be dry and lose the shine.

It also affects your hair look badly, especially when you wearing hair extensions. The dryness makes your hair not to blend with hair extensions well. Therefore, avoid dry hair with natural oil is suggested. In this post, we will introduce 5 types of natural oil which nourish and moisturize your hair.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil for dry hair

The cold and dry weather in winter is the reason of dry hair. As a result, it is extremely important to moisturize your hair. One of the most popular natural oil is coconut oil which is used in not only haircare but also skincare.


Beside the role of moisturizing your hair, it also helps prevent dandruff and be wonderful for scalp massages. It can be said that this is excellent natural oil.

Olive oil

Olive oil for hair care

People usually know olive oil as a popular ingredient in the kitchen; nonetheless, it also is effective ingredient in many hair care formulas. Being good at moisturizing hair, olive oil brings to you smooth and silky hair. In addition, it helps reduce split ends and prevent the hair from shedding.

Avocado oil

Avocado Oil Make the hair better

Avocado is considered as a rich vitamins fruit. That is why it is a good fruit to not only eat but also take care of hair and skin. Avocado oil also is an amazing kind of natural oil. It is said that avocado contains beneficial nutrients so it is good at  haircare. Vitamin A, E and D in avocado promote hair growth and contribute to keep moisture.

Grape seed oil

Grape Seed Oil

Another type of natural oil for hair is grape seed oil which you can add other essential oils into to dilute it. Not only does it moisturize your hair well but it also has other benefits. Containing vitamin A and linoleic acid, you can use it as a natural heat protectant. Nourishing the scalp and preventing against dandruff also are its benefits.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba Oil for hair

In this winter, jojoba oil is good at moisturizing your hair because it is rather similar to the oil produced from the sebum of the scalp. It helps nourish your hair extension and keep your hair and scalp clean and healthy due to anti bacterial properties.

Above are 5 kinds of natural oil you can apply to moisturize and keep your hair in proper condition. Taking care of your own hair is a very important step to maintain the longevity of your hair and get the best results with hair extensions.

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