How To Fit Nano Tip Hair Extensions

Nano ring/tip hair extensions are a type of small, individual, and permanent hair extensions. they are keratin-bonded and tipped with a tiny metal wire. These extensions are clamped onto the hair with a miniature metal ring. They make one of the least damaging methods available. Additionally, they are applied without the use of any heat or glue. Its an ideal option for individuals looking for a low-risk hair extension method.

What are Nano Ring Hair Extensions?

Nano rings are suitable for individuals with thin and fine hair. As they are tiny, they can be placed much closer to the hairline than other permanent hair extensions. They can even be used to create fringes because they are so well hidden. Being so small and lightweight also means they do not add too much tension to the hair, making them the least damaging extension system and perfect for individuals with thinner hair.

However, it’s crucial to note that individuals should not attempt to fit Nano ring hair extensions themselves. Professional extensionists have the expertise and knowledge to apply the extensions correctly, reducing the risk of damaging your own hair and ensuring the best quality results.

What Tools Do You Need To Install Nano Ring Hair Extensions?

Minimal tools are required to install Nano ring extensions, making them an easy and efficient option. All that’s needed is the Nano tip hair itself, 2.5mm Nano rings/beads, a pair of pliers, a threading tool, and a few sectioning clips. Our Nano rings/beads come in packs of 200 and in a selection of three natural root colors. It makes easier to find the perfect match for your hair.


The application process for Nano ring extensions is relatively straightforward. First, your own natural hair is threaded through a tiny metal, silicone-lined ring/bead. Then, the tip of the Nano hair extension is placed inside, and the two are clamped tightly together with pliers, securing your own hair in between. This process is repeated until all extensions are installed, providing a full and natural-looking head of hair.

How Are Nano Ring Extensions Applied? 

At our company, we pride ourselves on our luxury, double-drawn Nano collection, which includes 13 gorgeous shades. We’ve also created a unique discount code for our first-time Nano customers. Simply use the code NANOTEN at checkout to receive a 10% discount on all Nano items. Our high-quality Nano extensions and easy-to-use application method make it possible to achieve the long, luscious hair you’ve always wanted without compromising the health of your natural hair.

In conclusion, Nano ring/tip hair extensions are an excellent option for individuals looking for a low-risk hair extension method that is gentle on their hair. These extensions are lightweight. their small size means they can be placed close to the hairline without causing tension or damage. While professional extensionists should fit the extensions, the application process is relatively easy, and minimal tools are required. With our wide range of shades and discount code for first-time Nano customers, it’s never been easier to achieve the beautiful, full head of hair you’ve always wanted.

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